7 recommendations from our staycation in Denmark

This year my daughter and I had a staycation here in Denmark, and let me tell you – it has been amazing! Of course I already knew a lot about the places we visited, but the atmosphere and the kindness of the people we met, needs to be experienced first hand.
If you follow Yourdanglishguide on Instagram as well, you probably already know that we went on ø-hop (literally means jumping islands), and visited Tunø, Fur, and Samsø. We also had the pleasure of visiting our beloved Northwest Jutland, South Funen, and of course Vejle, where we live. From all these places I have selected 7 places that I really recommend you visit. If you have any questions about the places, please do not hesitate to contact me for answers.

  1. Fur Bryghus
    First of all, I want to recommend a trip to Fur (a small island in Limfjorden). I already mentioned Fur in the post ‘7 places to go on staycation in Denmark’, so here I would just like to focus on my favourite thing on the island: Fur Bryghus (brewery). At Fur Bryghus you can enjoy an amazing meal, or simply have a taste of their mouth-watering beers. During this summer where most Danes are doing staycations, Fur has been overrun by tourists making lunch at Fur Bryghus impossible if you do not reserve a table in advance. We missed the food, but boy did I enjoy the beer! I ordered a beer called Renæssance, a nice dark beer, and while we were there, the sun was out, making the beer taste even better. Next to the brewery there’s a playground, which, to be honest, was godsend, when bringing a toddler. The beer was so good that I bought one to bring home as well. I have yet to enjoy it, but I’m excited to see if I’ll have the same experience, now that I’m not on the island anymore. I’ll let you know.

  2. Thyborøn
    Thyborøn, located in Northwest Jutland is an absolutely amazing small city, where you will find traditional fishing, sandy beaches (very child friendly), an aquarium, a memorial park, and of course delicious food. We started the trip eating like kings in Fiskehallen. There were a lot of people, and a long line (covid19 restrictions followed, of course), but it was (and is) completely worth it! The taste of fresh fish with various sides is simply amazing, and boy do they know how to prepare the food! If you decide to go to Thyborøn, you should definitely visit this place. Afterwards we took a walk to the beach that has pine trees dividing the beach into sections, which is not only corona-fight-friendly, but also shelters from the wind that you inevitably will experience when visiting the West coast. All in all Thyborøn was the perfect place for us to go, and I highly recommend you visit the city as well – with or without children.

  3. Tunø
    On our first trip by our selves, my daughter and I took the ferryboat to Tunø. Tunø is a small island located outside of Hou (south of Aarhus). We went by foot, bringing a stroller, a small tent, sleeping bags, clothes, and an air mattress. To be honest, I was really nervous about this trip, given that it was our first trip in a tent, and (if there are any parents out there reading along) it was with a toddler… But all my worries were brought to shame, because we had the best time! From eating delicious sea food in Tunø Røgeri, to playing on the playground by the harbour, to going on a tractor ride around the island, to our daily strolls up and down the main street with the traditional, romantic houses in front of us – Tunø really won our hearts. Tunø is the kind of place, where you greet everyone you meet, and you help wherever it is needed. The people living on the island, and the people visiting look out for each other, and you feel that the minute you arrive, when you are saluted by a man playing the trombone at the harbour. Tunø has my warmest recommendations, and I really wish that you would all go visit it – remember the ferryboats are free at the moment, if you go by foot or bicycle (which you have to at Tunø, since it is a no-car island).

  4. Samsø
    The last place we visited on our staycation was Samsø. As with Tunø we went by ferryboat from Hou, and again we brought our tent. Samsø is a very popular island to go to, and you notice that the minute you see the size of the ferryboat. Unlike Tunø you can bring your car to Samsø, which I would recommend you do (or bike), since it is quite difficult to get around the island by foot or using public transportation. At Samsø we visited Nordby, which is a small city full of traditional, romantic houses. It is also where you find the labyrinth that many people recommend visiting (we didn’t, ’cause toddler…). Personally I find Samsø very beautiful, but not particularly child friendly. We struggled a lot to find food that my daughter would eat, and the amount of cars was too much for us. However I do have one great recommendation if you want to visit the island, and that is to bring a tent and stay at Sælvigbugtens Camping. It was a very child friendly place, and the staff was really nice, as was the facilities. However, if you’re going to stay there, either bring cookware or a car, since it is quite challenging to get a meal in the area.

  5. Grejsdalsstien
    Before my summer holiday began I had a weekend without my daughter where I went on a hike at Grejsdalsstien. Grejsdalsstien is a hiking trail from Vejle to Jelling, and most of the trail is inside the forest in Grejsdalen (where I live). The hike was app. 18 kilometres long, and definitely not toddler-friendly, which is why I went alone. I went at a day where the sky was open, and the rain was pouring from start to finish. I cannot recommend going on a day like that. But, me being a Danish Viking, I put on my raingear and a smile. When I (finally) arrived in Jelling, I was drenched, tired, and everything hurt, since the rain had made the trails very muddy, making me fall a few times. So, for the beauty, history, and natural experience I highly recommend you visit this trail – you don’t have to walk from start to finish, but just part of it. I do however also recommend you do it when it’s not raining. And also, don’t bring a toddler. For your own sake. And sanity.

  6. Thurø
    I am so privileged to have family living in Thurø, which is why we got a chance to visit the island before my summer holiday. Thurø, located in the South Funen Archipelago is a place I have visited a million times throughout my life, and I never get tired of it. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Denmark, and where you will feel tranquillity and take in all the fresh air and breezes from Svendborg Sund and Skårupøre Sund. The island has an enviable sense of community, which you will notice the minute you arrive to the island (by bridge, not ferry boat) since there’s a ‘welcome home wall’ where the islanders put up banners, flags and what have you, to celebrate each other. I have yet to experience any restaurants in Thurø, since I always get the best food on the island at my aunt’s and uncle’s house, but I am sure that there are great places to eat out. If you are up for a game of miniature golf or simply a swim, you should visit Smørmosen. You will not regret it, I promise.

  7. Daugård Beach
    As you probably already know, Denmark has a lot of amazing beaches. If you are lucky you might even live close to one of the great ones – maybe Dueodde at Bornholm? Or Moesgaard in Aarhus? Or Agger Tange in Agger? Or maybe even Daugård, right outside of Vejle? I was born in Vejle, and raised fairly close to Vejle. I have lived here the last year and a half with my daughter. But I was today years old, when I discovered that my favourite beach is located right outside of Vejle: Daugård. The beach has sand areas and grass areas. You can jump in the water from the beach or from a small bridge (for swimming). The view is amazing. The atmosphere is wonderful. It is not a snooty beach, but rather very diverse, with people of all ages, nationalities, and social backgrounds joining together for an amazing day at the beach. I cannot recommend this enough. Go, even if it’s pouring rain.

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