About me


Hi there! I’m Mette, Your Danglish Guide. Welcome to my blog!
I am an anthropologist living in Vejle, Southern Denmark, teaching Danish to internationals working in Denmark and their families.

I myself have been living the expat life in Tanzania and Malawi and know about the curiosity, the excitement, but also the challenges when starting over in a new country with a different, sometimes strange cultural system that can be difficult to navigate.

My aim is to guide you through the jungle that is Danish culture. I do this by posting short articles that are informative as well as easy digestible, meaning that you can read along if you have 1 hour, 20 minutes or even 5 minutes. I also want to include you by providing you the possibility of writing me questions of any sorts about Danish culture, the do’s and don’ts, where to find what etc. Feel free to make me your Danish-culture-google.

If you want to know more about Danish culture, the Danish language, and places to visit in Denmark, I strongly encourage you to follow @yourdanglishguide on Instagram as well, since I post on Instagram more often than on this blog.

Instagram: @yourdanglishguide
LinkedIn: Mette Tørnkvist Gade

All posts are an expression of my own views and my own experiences, combined with research and informal data collection.
Any comments containing racial slurs, sexism, personal attacks or the like, will be deleted.


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